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1 | Episode 13: The Birth Story

1 | Episode 13: The Birth Story

the one where the baby was almost born in the car

Enakhe Ezeomo Isaac Atogwe. Born 38 weeks 2 days. 8lbs 12oz 22” long.

Hi, friends!!! You guys, we did it! Just a couple days after my last update, I had my baby in my arms. Can you even??

I started recording for this podcast at four weeks pregnant because I knew it the whole experience is something I would want to look back on as a forever reminder of Gods sustaining mercy and faithfulness. Here, a week and a half after the official end of the pregnancy, I couldn’t be more grateful that this specific experience was the one I felt the need to document beginning to end.

All the waiting, all the growing, all the appointments and supplements and bloodwork and adjustments and sleepless nights and compression tights—I would do it all one hundred times over for this birth and this baby.

Thank you for joining me on the journey, friends. I’m so excited to share my birth story with you.

I’m still on maternity leave, but I knew I wanted to record and post this as fresh as possible while I could still feel labor in my bones. As you can imagine, your girl didn’t edit out a single breath or word so thanks for the grace, y’all.

I’ll be back with a postpartum update, breastfeeding episodes and all the things but for now, I’m soaking up the moments with this boy in the nook of my neck. As you can imagine, your girl didn’t edit out a single breath or word so thanks for the grace, y’all.

He is so, so faithful.

and a less beautiful scene: me holding the baby in and asking way too much of both the car AC and my pelvic floor:

ten minutes old:

one week old:

The Psalm I sang on repeat in the weeks leading up to birth and through labor (this one too)

Every single video on Bridget Teyler’s channel, but especially her affirmations.

These breathing techniques

”Up breathing” for pushing as detailed in this video and seen in her home birth

This Christian Hypnobirthing app

Hospital Bag Essentials Blog Post

Ultimate Newborn Essentials Blog Post

The Amazon robe and Amazon pajamas I’ve lived in for early days postpartum

the gold standard.
good as gold
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